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    Web Gateway - Edirectory Authentication

      I am trying to setup user authentication to eDirectory.  We had it working on version 6.8.6 before upgrade to 7.x.  Since teh upgrade, the box will not authenticate to teh Edirectory LDAP server.  We use this to dietermine access levels based on what eDirectory group a user is a part of.  We transfered setting from 6.8 box to 7 but something is different or missing.  I read a similar thread but it dod not anser the question for us.  I believe the issue resides in teh filter for the group.  I have the following in that field;



      attribute to receive is CN


      for user retreival i have;



      attribure to rectreive is cn


      have had the entries with the followign syntax also (&(ObjectClass=groupofuniquenames)(uniquemember>=%u)) with no luck.


      Any insight would be greating appreciated.