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    Little Problem



      I was infected with ''security tool'' rogue . Comp. had been total down.  I couldn't run any program, deny acces.

      Combofix from safemode helped me to resolve that problem, now everything works good .

      I 've got combofix log and there some 'file deletions''

      Could you help me with that files, i'm not sure(below) is that all malware or a regular windows files ?

      I use xp sp3 .


      c:/ windows / system32/drivers/npf.sys




      I'm thinking to prepare CD with  windows and format.


      thank you

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          Peter M

          I moved this to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance.


          All those files have legitimate purposes, however one can only be sure everything is OK by running some anti-malware software as a precaution.


          Follow the suggestion on this "Required Reading".


          If that doesn't help then download the free version of This Tool, update it and run it.


          Let it remove everything it finds and reboot immediately if asked to.

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            thank you


            I use


            Mcafee total prot.






            My comp as i said works good, there is no any problem expect my concerning about that files!

            Sometimes combofix make deletions regular wind.files and i asked you is that ok?

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              Peter M

              Well I Googled them and they are genuine files but like I said, all files can be used by malware too.