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    Windows 2000 server and VSE 8.7/8.5

      I recently had a server box die and it was rebuilt. One of the first things we did was put VSE 8.7 with patch 3 on it. Then the mcsheild service was stating "Paused". I updated the machine with the latest superdat but it still was staying paused. I uninstalled 8.7 and put on 8.5 patch 8 on the box. Now that i have 8.5 on the box it is now stating error 1075: the depedency service does not exist or has been marked for deleting.


      If i go to the mcsheild service it shows no dependencies. If i go to the registry and look at dependencies i find mfevtp is listed, but that is not under any other services that i can find.


      What do i need to do to get McSheild running?



      (sorry for any gramtical errors)


      Also, if you need any additional information please ask.



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