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    Security for SharePoint 2.0 Failed to initialize the product's database, error 80004005.

      Started getting this event viewer entry "Failed to initialize the product's database, error 80004005" on one of our three production SharePoint 2K7 servers around a week ago. I can't find any information on this online but when I login with our admin account locally to the server there are RPCServ.exe errors all over. We use SQL 2008 and have been having no problems until recently. Our other two servers are working fine but I also get an error "Either the McAfee® PortalShield™ service is currently not running or you do not have sufficient privileges." when I attempt to launch the UI on the server since it isn't giving me any report data in EPO (we use 4.5 Patch 1.) Any information or a place to start looking would be great. The user account is a local admin and is the same user account used to login on both other servers so I do not believe those privledges are the issue.