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    Security Scan Plus says attention needed

      I just intalled McAfee Security Center 9.15.  At some previous point, McAfee Security Scan Plus was added to my PC.  I am running Windows 7.


      When I run  McAfee Security Scan Plus, I get warnings that Virus and Spyware Protection and Fireware Protection need attention because I have more than one anti-virus and firewall product installed.

      When I check the Action Center for installed anti-virus and firewall programs, it tells me that in addition to McAfee, I have Norton Internet Security installed and Norton and Windows firewalls installed.  The Norton came with the computer, and I have never activated it.


      Is this what is causing the warning?  Only the McAfee programs are turned on.  The others are turned OFF.  Do I need to remove the Norton program?    Am I safe if only the McAfee security programs are ON?