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    McAfee Internet Security 2010 locks computer when used in conjunction with Malwarebytes

      After renewing my McAfee subscription and downloaded the new version of McAfee (I did use Mc removal tool and fully removed Malwarebytes) and reinstalled Malwarebytes and made sure that it would start up after McAfee, but when I go to use McAfee it locks the computer up and can only be used in safe mode and when Malwarebytes is removed McAfee works fine but Malwarebytes works fine with McAfee (they both worked fine with McAfee Int. Sec. 2008/9) . I have used Malwarebytes support and they are at a loss as there should be no conflict as one is an anti-virus the other anti-malware so they detect things the other doesn't. I would be grateful if someone could help as they are both good products.