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    McScript_InUse.exe using 100% of CPU

      On Monday when I arrived back in the office after the weekend, reports came in that systems are running at 100% util. Looking we found that McScript_InUse.exe was running at 100% util, killing the McScript_InUse.exe process caused framework.exe to jumped up and it started to run at 99%.

      Searching around I found a KB on lowering the priority of Framework. This done the CPU was still running high.

      Continuing searching I found a couple of references to exclusions and priority threats on VirusScan. To rule out VirusScan I uninstalled it on 2 servers. Problem still persisted.

      By the lunch time it became apparent that it's on all systems within the company, about 1700 systems.

      I deleted all client tasks from the ePO console to rule out tasks and deleted the task folder in the agent directory.

      At 14:20 the McScript_InUse.exe dropped down to 20% and then stopped completely. The following morning at 8am it all stated up again and was running at 100% util.

      Teusday Framework and McScript_InUse.exe were stopped throughout the company, VrusScan is still running. The company was unable to function due to this problem.


      I support multiple companies with the same versions, but only this company have this problem.


      Versions being used in the company.

           ePO server - 4.5.0 Build 937

           ePO Agent -

           VirusScan - with Patch 3

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