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    Computer frozen by last McAfee upgrade

      About 5pm edt McAfee updated with auto restart on my Dell inspiron 530 with Vista. When rebooted computer froze when the McAfee icon appeared. No mouse, no task manager no control at all. I shut down and rebooted safe went to an earlier restore point. Computer seemed fine until McAfee again up updated to the new system tray icon version and it again computer froze on reboot. Shut down again, rebooted in safe and uninstalled McAfee --- Computer cured and functional. What is the problem McAfee? I have used you for years but no more. I cannot have problems like this on my computer.

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          Hey Carter, we haven't noticed such issue with any other customers. Could you please try to install them back and let us know whether it occurs again

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            Since the new version updated I have the same problem, PC freezes on scan so sorry I have removed McAfee completely after several days frustration.



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              Totally frustrated as I'm having the same issues.

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                I have exactely the same issue on two of the PC of my small company.

                We have six PC. All are protected by McAfee since 5 month.

                2 of them are running on XP and have no issue.

                4 are running on Vista 32 bit (and already 2 of them are suffuring from the issue).


                I confirm that it is really frustrating as we never know when it will happens.

                Sometimes it is almost always and also during startup phase of the computer.


                One PC is an ACER ASPIRE 8930G and the other one is a FujitsuSiemens Amilo Pi 3525.

                We already reinstall them from scratch several time but the issue always come back.


                We already contacted the McAfee support twice but they didn't found anything.

                It is the first year that we are using the McAfee Internet Security product but we could go back very quickly to our previous supplier.


                Anyway I'm ready to collaborate if McAfee really wants to fix the issue.


                First occurence was around 15 August 2010.

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                  UPDATE September 21:  Computer still freezes (locks) when new version of McAfee is installed. McAfee technical support could find no problem but my computer still will not work with McAfee. Because of this I requested a refund of my remaining year subscription to McAfee and was told that no refunds are possible after 30 days. This is amazing to me because I had no problem until they updated, so to me, the problem is of their creation.


                  Am I happy with McAfee. Absolutely not. I recommend everyone stay away from it. I will telling all my friends and everyone who asks to use something else. I used McAfee for 3 years but no longer.

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                    I just installed McAfee on my computer a few days ago and every since the install my computer has been practically unoperable.  I can't perform any tasks without it freezes up.  It is VERY FRUSTRATING.  I just tried to have an online chat with McAfee technical support to report my problem and have been unable to connect with them.  I have three Service request #'s because each down I try to connect I'm taken to a blank page.  I will try to call Customer Service during business hours to hopefully resolve this matter as I cannot afford to have a unreliable computer.   I understand your frustrations Carter and hope that you will somehow be able to get the refund that's obviously is due to you.