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    Intrusive McAfee advertising

      I have started getting very intrusive McAfee advertising in my version of McAfee Total Protection. A box today came up on two computers offering to sell me a new subscription or additional products (80 days are left on my subscription).


      It's bothersome enough that I'm thinking of replacing McAfee if it continues and/or asking for a refund. It's something I'd expect from a free program, not one I paid for.


      Before I do that, is there any way to turn off this marketing?

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          Really sorry for the inconvenience, in fact it’s not a advertisement but it’s a informational alert to all the customers [depends upon their subscription] about the days of subscription that’s been left out and also a reminder to renew their subscription.


          The motto behind this informational alert is, if you were not aware of your products expiration date it may make your computer vulnerable without getting the latest updates



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            No, it is NOT an "informational alert". I have received two such McAfee pop-ups myself and they were absolutely advertisements-my Antivirus Plus subscription is only two months old. Tried chat support, but the link just redirects onto itself, never opens an actual chat window. Hence I'm logging into the forum.


            If anybody knows a way to turn this hideous feature off, please let me know. I buy antivirus software with the understanding that it will BLOCK spam, not create it's own!

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              Hi there,

              Could you please provide us with a screen shot of the advertisement that we receive ? just  to gather more information around the same.




              Dinesh K

              McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                Hi Dinz,


                I wish I had thought to take a screen shot of the bubble when it appeared, but I didn't. Unfortunately for documentational purposes, over three weeks elapsed between the pop-ups. While I am very glad they are not a daily problem, it would be nice to be rid of them entirely. You can be sure that I will be hitting 'ALT-PRT SCRN' on the next occurrence.


                Thanks for such a quick reply to my post.

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                  Hello Dinz



                  I've had the similar pop-up came up about ten minutes ago, and I'm suspecting it is similar to the original poster's one.


                  Here's the screenshot:


                  The pop-up didn't respond to "close" immediately, and it caused the Windows "program stopped working" message pop-up as well. It didn't crash though, it did close eventually.


                  I would like to know how to disable this "feature" as well. The reason for that is, I know that websites can simulate exact same message within the browser window, and I have no way of knowing if this pop-up is made by the McAfee, not the hackers.



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                    These pop-up ads are very annoying. I trust McAfee will provide a way to disable these before my subscription expires.


                    This is an advertisement for another product, not an alert regarding my VirusScan license.

                    McAfee Ad.jpg



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                      Hi Dinz,


                      Knew I just had to be patient. Got another pop-up ad from your anti-virus software. It's attached below. Looks like a few others before me have also been sending in screenshots. When are you going to address this issue? If too many of your customers start getting annoyed about these, it might be the basis for a winnable class-action lawsuit. Please get this problem fixed ASAP.

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                        i definately agree this advertising is getting frequent and annoying they do not go away  unless you click close. Regular alert go away. Mcafee does this on purpose so if you are not at your pc when this pops up they do not want it to go away until you get back. My subscription expires soon and because of this i will look at  another virus program.

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                          it's rediculous Mcafee admin don't know their own software, and can't admit when they have intursive advertising.

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