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    manual removal of safeboot installation

      hi all,


      I would like to know if there is still a possible method of uninstalling safeboot on a laptop actually i have been having problems with these 2 laptops,

      i also have an access on the safeboot server as an admin, i believe these laptops have not been in-sync with the safeboot server for a very long time.

      i tried to select the "remove" option from the server to uninstall it but the error says "no 32-bit disk detected" and the other is "attribute is not available"


      i guess my last resort would be to reformat those laptops and delete their accounts from the server, and try to enroll their accounts again and create

      a new instalaltion set.


      before the laptops here in our company have all benn "partially encrypted" that is before i got here,

      and when i was allowed to manage the server they have enforced a new policy of changing the partial to "full encryption" for now.


      i have been able to successfully change the settings for those laptops that have been regularly receiving the new policy updates that are enforced thru the server.



      your comments and suggestions are all welcome.








      Message was edited by: dick69 i have added the SCMLOG.txt so that you could see the error message i get from the laptop when i try to sync it with the safeboot server on 9/7/10 10:09:39 PM CDT
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