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    MVM 7.0 Scan Queue slow to update

      Ever since I upgraded from 6.8 to 7.0 I've noticed issues with the Scan Queue being VERY slow to implement changes I request.  For example, I found that all of my currently scheduled scans after the upgrade were off by 4 hours (4am scans were now scheduled for midnight).  I've found that simply cancelling the scan and re-activating the scan fixes this, however this is taking forever because cancelling a scan leaves it in the "Pending Cancel Pending" state for what's been at least 10 minutes now.  Same thing happens if I try to add a scan, it sits in "Queue" for the longest time.  Haven't gotten a confirmation on how long this actually takes but I know it'll eventually go through... anyone else have this issue?  I know in 6.8 this wasn't a problem; I could cancel 10 scans in a row and they'd all be cancelled by the time I got to the next screen to edit them.