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    McAfee Icon Tray Duplicated and Disappear When Cursor Move To It ( When No Activity)

      Sorry for my bad english before


      note: I use mcafee only for site advisor ( the others were unistalled )

             : security center was disabled in startup


      no.1 >>>in my system tray the icon sometimes appear and when i move the cursor into it, it will disappear ( it happen when my mcafee doesn't have activity like scanning, because my mcafee only have site advisor)


      no.2 >>>and then it sometime appear with new icon so it like duplicated ( can be 7 icon). and also the all icon will disappear when i move the cursor into it ( see the picture )


      and you must know , no.1  always happen in my notebook before i restore my data, and after i try to unistalled mcafee  at all. there are error in my notebook so i restore my system data.


      unfortunately after restore, no.2 happens in my notebook.



      update: my site advisor also doesnt appear in my mozilla ( in add-ons it was enabled)



      and also there are something wrong in my mcafee folder after restore. it has 2 folder mcafee and mcafee.com with number after the name. so i put them into same name folder ( see the picture )


      anyone can help me plz??? i'm very confused about this one








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