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    Help!!! PLEASE!!! Something has disabled Mcafee scanner and appears not to be malware/virus/spyware/et al...

      HELP!!!! this is my second attemp to get your attention. (first one 2 weeks ago) 

      Why is my Mcafee scanner disabled?

      I have Windows Vista (LOL.... I know) 32 bit//Mcafee premium security (I used to be a happy person...LOL)

      Mcafee Virtual technician tool says it is a COM file corrupted, cannot fix

      Parental Controls-Mcafee Internet Security Suite special edition from aol 11.15.102


      Problem: Missing/Corrupt COM components (1)


      Symptoms:  If I click SCAN button  link on the left side menu it only opens to Status  screen, 

      Virus protection configuration forgets my custom scan schedule  as soon as I close window

      (it does not scans default schedule either),  Restore menu link has also a small yellow message error and never  opens. the message says "message from the web Error!" 

      I looked in System configuration  services and proceses and I found these Mcafee files/apps are stopped (or blocked) mcods.exe(Viruscan folder) mcBackmonitor.exe (MBK folder)

      Windows  update says is current and on automatic, I do not have any games in my laptop  nor do I play them...... I use my laptop mainly to write documents and emails (extrictly work) Nor anyone else has access to my laptop I am the sole user.

      I had no other spyware installed before this ........until three weeks ago when I saw Mcafee not scanning.

      The spyware (Spybot) caught nothing, I run also stinger from mcafee, Malawarebytes anti-Malware, and run windows malicious software removal tool full scans on high/ on safe mode and regular.........found nothing

      I assume this happen after windows downloading update august 10... not certain

      my C hardisk has 42.7% free space memory and I keep my cache and temporary files very clean religiously every day to avoid sluggishness. I have double checked in Programs I have no other security except Windows defender and Mcafee, Nor have i downloaded before at any time. Mcafee has been the original sole protection program in my laptop.

      I have uninstalled and installed mcafee 9 different times unfortunately same result (Iam sick & tired of it... Grrrrgh)

      I Proceeded as followed>>>

      1. Mcafee is uninstalled first with windows default uninstall (control panel) then reboot
      2. then run the removal tool from mcafee +Reboot
      3. then I go to APPdata folders\ C:\ProgramFiles, C:\ProgramData and delete manually if any Mcafee folders   and run a second time the removal tool after this. +REBOOT (restart ..LOL)
      4. I have RUN either the stinger/or malicious malware removal tool/or spybot/or the windows error checking volume (last case I have to reboot again before re-installing)  and then Re-install mcafee and installations appears successful all the way until I open mcafee window and try to scan or open the restore menu link. I have downloaded Mcafee with and without any windows firewall/or defender/with and without stinger/malicious malwareRT/spybot/MalawareByte anti-malware.... same results

      ......Mcafee updates regularly and can do the cleaning of cookies et al' too without trouble, the status shows protected in all counts and appears (..right) to be working fine. Windows systems and software seems working fine before and after this  ..... ????if you can believe a Vista LOL  


      HELP!!! everything runs good in my laptop except this..... It does not feels like malwre or virus........

      (but I could be wrong........... LOL)

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