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    How can I stop Security Center 2010 blocking access to a VM server running on my Machine?

      Hi all,

      Just wondering can anyone advise me with this conundrum.


      Since I accepted the upgrade to Security Center 2010 I have been having difficulties connecting to a web server running in a Virtual Machine on my computer. I can only connect to the web server when I turn the Firewall on the host machine off completely.


      What I am trying to do is the following:

      I am trying to test a customer distribution running on a Virtual Linux Machine. The VM is hosted on my own workstation, and is using a bridged network connection (i.e. the VM connects directly to the office network, rather than sharing my PCs address.) However, I cannot connect to the running on the VM from a browser running on my own machine, unless I turn McAfee Firewall off, which I don't want to have to do. I


      I have double-checked the Firewall Program Permissions, and VMWare Authorization Service, VMWare NAT Service, VMWare Player, and VMWare Workstation all have Full Access.

      I have also tried adding the IP address of the Virtual Machine to the Firewall Connections, but to no avail.


      Has anybody else encountered this sort of problem? Thanks in advance,




      BTW., my system configuration is as follows:


      • Host machine: Windows 7 Ultimate running McAfee Security Center 7
      • VMWare Workstation 6.5
      • Virtual Machine: Centos 5.2 running Apache Web Server.