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    10 years of McAfee - not sure anymore if its the right choice

      I have been a loyal McAfee user for the past 10 years but recently I am not so sure anymore if this is the right choice.


      I work as a webpublisher and am very aware of the risks of the internet. In the past 10 years I never had a virus or trojaner (or at least McAfee never reported one).


      This is due to the fact that I do not surf on gaming, porn, fileshare, piracy sites and stuff. So I am stricly business.


      BUT Last week my computer got a Torjaner: Artemis!D05F987EE180. I still don't know how I got it, which acutally bothers me a lot because I am so cautios.




      a) I got infected on a up to date (xp pro sp3, McAfee up to date) computer

      b) McAfee reported the virus but was not able to remove it

      c) Used a free version of a competitor to remove more problems

      d) Did run McAfee full Scann reported NO PROBLEMS

      e) Still could not access any sites of security software vendors (somehow it read like it was the conficer worm)

      f) Did run the free version again and if found that winlogon.exe and explorer.exe WIN32:BamitalX / TR/SPY.1036800.4 and TR/Spy.513024.11 were still infected


      I was not able to remove the said trojans with McAfee (Did not even report a problem after full scan) or the free security software of competitors


      Because McAfee reported no problem, when in fact I still had a serious problem I doubt if McAfee is really the right choice. You can imagine how scared I am that I get infected again while trusting McAfee.


      Anyone has had the same expirience. McAfee reporting nothing when having serious problems?