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    McAfee Cleanup tool didn't work


      I bought my Dell system in 2006 and it came with McAfee. Unfortunately I just had to perform a Dell Factory Image Restore. The first thing I did was uninstall McAfee. (I later read you should register it before uninstalling.)


      I thought everything was fine but I ran Microsoft's FixIt, just out of curiousity. My computer isn't near as fast as it was before the restore, and I don't even have a lot of things installed yet, including Vista SP1 and SP2 and IE 8. FixIt warns me that one of the reasons for my reduced speed, etc., is that I am running two antivirus programs at the same time!


      So I go to security center and sure enough it's showing both Avast and McAfee. I used the cleanup tool and it said cleanup FAILED. See screenshot. Is this a registry item?


      Someone please help. I'm not even done with the restore I'm working on and sure don't want to have to run into a problem and start all over.

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          Reboot and try again as that picture says that it was already running, possibly an accidental double-click or similar reason.


          Make sure it is the latest version of MCPR from the link under Useful Links above.

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            I kept searching after posting here and ran across a comment to run the tool in Safe Mode. Why do you suppose that isn't noted somewhere in bold print near where the download for the cleanup tool is? Something like ... If this tool doesn't work boot into Safe Mode and run it.


            I did that. I right clicked on the tool and ran it as administrator. As the program ran there was a notation below the scanning box as follows: Error obtaining full permissions for cleanup. Some products may notbe removed. At the end I was advised to restart to remove the files and it also said "Incomplete Cleanup."


            As my computer booted back into normal mode I could definitely tell a difference in the speed. I checked the security center and it no longer shows McAfee Virus Scanner. However, apparently I still have leftover scraps of this program. Do you have any ideas on how to get the rest cleaned out?

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              Then run it again in regular mode.  That should remove the remnants.

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                Tried that and got the same window as before.

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                  If you want to avoid a rather complicated registry cleaning method I recommend contacting Technical Support Chat then,  They are linked under Useful Links above.