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    Real Time Scanning

      I am confused.


      McAfee attributed to me a "correct" answer for Real Time problems weeks ago, but continues to push complex 'answers' which have never worked for me, nor anyone else.


      I submitted an "easy fix" - see Real-Time Scanner ... easy fix ... though it is difficult to access.


      Because McAfee seems to have buried my "correct answer", I will run it through again, in very easy terms - but with possible difficulties in mind now.


      OK you start your computer up and do whatever you do.


      Then whatever you have done, McAfee informs you that you are not fully protected ... that Real Time protection is turned off. And no matter what you do, e.g.. follow McAfee 'advice', or try to sort it out yourself, the problem keeps coming back.


      Well I DID find my own easy fix a few weeks ago and have had NO problems ever since I applied it to my own system. NO problems.


      So here is "easy fix" again - with some qualifications.


      If you have Windows 7, then you should have Windows Defender and a red flag will display, bottom right hand corner. Click on it and enable Windows Defender ... that is it, problem solved.


      If in Windows 7, Vista, XP you do not have Windows Defender, then download and activate it.


      I am unable to test this action, because I am fully up to date, including what what I did to my own system,  All I know is what I did works, period. Never had a problem since.

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