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    Speed problem with intranet program

      Hello all I hope someone might be able to help me with a problem my company is having.

      We are stting up a new ERP system for the company which runs in the internet explorer browser. We`ve come across speed problems when clicking links in the system to open a session and I`ve come to the conclusion it`s our McAfee virus scan enterprise installation which is causing the problem.

      If a link is pressed on the ERP`s ie page it takes around 15 seconds to open the session, if the session is closed then the link pressed again it takes about 3 seconds to open which is the way it should be. After an idle time of a minute or so if the link is pressed again we`re back to the 15 seconds to open.

      All our PCs run virus scan enterprise 8.7.0 and I`ve tried all configurations I can think of including adding ie and java to the low risk processes in the on-access scan but nothing seems to help. The strange thing is if I disable access protection and on-access scanner there is still the delay and yet if I remove McAfee all together the delay is removed.


      Any help would be appreciated.