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    Did McAfee Security Center Change its Look?

      (I'm not computer kind of person, so please be kind!)


      Last night, I had problems with my entire system hanging.  I ran the Hard Disk error-checking tool.  It took hours so I went to bed.


      This morning, my system was restarted so I logged on and there were no more problems with hanging.  However, the icon for McAfee Security Center in the taskbar looked different.  I clicked on it and the screen that popped up didn't look the same as I remembered it.


      I checked my McAfee account, etc. - the only different is that it shows my expiration date Oct 2011 instead of Oct 2010.


      I even installed the McAfee Advisor and ran it - no problems.


      I have Vista with SP1.  I mostly use Firefox (if that matters).


      Did McAfee change its look or am I just imagining it?  (I swear, I wasn't drinking and I don't think I'm developing Alzheimers... although I guess if I am, I wouldn't know it...)


      Thank you.