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    Question About Strange Link in E-Mail Received This Morning

      I hope someone here can shed some light on this, as I am concerned about the safety of my PC.  I am running McAfee Security Center 10.5, build 195.  VirusScan and Firewall are up to date.  I received an email this morning, from an acquaintance, containing only this link:removed for safety reasons  I tried to reply and ask if this really came from them and my email was returned as undeliverable.  I verified their email address later in the day.  The address line seemed to have been pulled from the other person's address book, because it contained about ten entries in alphabetical order.  The other person did not send this email.  McAfee software did not indicate any problems.  Was this email caused by a virus or trojan on the other person's PC?  Do I need to be concerned about my PC being infected?

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