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    Осенний цикл вебинаров

      McAfee начинает новый осенний цикл вебинаров, посвященный современным угрозам и защите от них. Вебинары проходят по средам в 17:00 по московскому времени.




      8.09.2010 – Сканирование веб аппликаций с помощью McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.0

      15.09.2010 – Современная защита серверов: новый подход к безопасности

      22.09.2010 – Введение и демонстрация в МсAfee SaaS WebProtection Service

      29.09.2010 – McAfee Network Security Platform (IntruShield) – IPS

      06.10.2010 – Как сохранить мобильные данные?

      13.10.2010 – McAfee ToPs Endpoint Suites

      20.10.2010 - Введение и демонстрация в МсAfee SaaS Email Protection Service

      27.10.2010 – McAfee Next Generation Firewall

      03.10.2010 – McAfee Web Gateway


      Вебинары проходят на английском языке и доступны для видео и аудио через IP.

      Зарегистрироваться на вебинары можно по ссылке www.mcafee.com/productwebinars

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          Ниже приглашение на технические интернет тренинги по McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8 и McAfee Network Security Platform, которые проводят McAfee эксперты по сетевой безопасности. Время проведения – каждый четверг в 17:00 по Московскому времени. Регистрация ниже:


          Are your customers updating their network security strategy? Are your customers asking you for advice on how to fight emerging threats against their critical assets, respond to demands for increased data center capacity, or take advantage of virtualization and cloud infrastructure to optimize costs?

          While these initiatives have radically transformed network requirements over the last ten years, most network security solutions have not. As you work to address these requirements, ask yourself the following questions: Can the solutions I sell today address my customer’s business initiatives with a next generation network? Am I helping my customers develop a security strategy that is optimized to address the risks of today? How do they control Web 2.0 applications? Are they inspecting encrypted SSL traffic?  How do they handle port-agile applications? Zero-day attacks? The latest inspection evasion techniques?

          If you want to see the latest innovations that address these needs, please join McAfee network security experts for live, interactive TechTalks on two hot solutions from McAfee: McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8 and McAfee Network Security Platform (IPS). Your customers are welcome to join too!

          Register now for one of six upcoming webcasts!


          Firewall TechTalk Dates


          Register now:

          Thursday, September 16

          2PM GMT / 8am CST


          Thursday, September 30

          2PM GMT / 8am CST


          Thursday, October 21

          2PM GMT / 8am CST



          Find out why McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8 is setting the standard for Next Generation Firewalls. This technical webcast will provide an in-depth view of

          ∙ McAfee Profiler

          ∙ McAfee AppPrism

          ∙ McAfee Control Center

          ∙ McAfee Global Threat Intelligence


          You will learn how rules are created in the language of business – users/ applications – with simple mouse clicks – all from a single screen.  We will show how easy it is to incorporate granular protections in rules, e.g., IPS, AV, URL, geo-location, trusted source. Then, we will demo how to graphically monitor firewall and see application usage, as well as which rule allowed or denied the traffic. Best of all, you will be able to ask questions and receive answers from a network security expert. Register now!


          IPS TechTalk Dates


          Register now:

          Thursday, September 9
          2PM GMT / 8am CST


          Thursday, September 23

          2PM GMT / 8am CST

          Thursday, October 7
          2PM GMT / 8am CST


          McAfee Network Security Platform is the IPS market leader.
          If you want in depth look at why more networks run McAfee Network Security Platform than any other IPS options, don’t miss this TechTalk!
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          You will learn about:

          ∙ Recent trends in the threat landscape, including the resurgence of botnets

          ∙ The rise in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and implications for network defenses

          ∙ The importance of real-time threat feeds to network IPS devices

          ∙ McAfee Global Threat Intelligence and reputation-based protection techniques

          ∙ Next-gen network architectures and why 10GigE matters to network security