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    MWG 7 / Cache / Websites not loading properly

      Hi There,


      I am currently in the testing phase of deploying MWG 7.X and I have hell a lots of issues with web sites loading problem. Of course I have the following policies:

      a) URL filtering

      b) Media Type filtering (Only audio & video's)

      c) Malware scanning


      Issues encountered:

      a) Those websites with flash does not load at the first attempt, have to refresh the browser then it displays. Some time even after refresh the content does not display

      b) Certain websites does display the content, but the alignment is totally staggered and some of the images are not being displayed. Same thing, after refresh sometimes can display the web site and sometimes cannot.

      c) While browsing most of the web sites, in IE always there is an error icon in IE displays (attached file, IE_err.jpg), once this is shown, the web site will not be displayed properly

      d) On top of all these, the performance is pathetic, We have a 6M internet pipe and the browsing experience thru MWY is extremely slow. I have event tried to disable all the policies, even then the performance does not improve significantly.


      I did suspect some thing to do with cache and even disabled the cache and tried, but no help.


      If anyone has any suggestion to improve my situation it will be highly appreciated.





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