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    [e0050040] Unable to remove client data store object. after enabling Local recovery




      I am facing this error



      Platform : Windows Vista


      SafeBoot : 5.2.2



      Working fine with encryption. than We enabled Local recovery for user and got error  [e0050040] Unable to remove client data store object. (see tha snap2)




      See the attached Log and snaps.


      I have enable Local recovery on couple of machines and on 17 machine got this error. to Fix this error I am recovering machine with Machine recovery option and than I delete the user and again create the user.Problem is solve for that machine.


      but for this machine I m getting error [e0050040] Unable to remove client data store object (see the Log)



      Now as per error through Eboot this problem can be solved but When I am trying Eboot Machine got stuck while booting...


      Note : SATA native mode is enabled.


      Any solution ????