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    E5000 Statistics

      Hi all,


      I'm looking how many emails per hour handle an E5000 model. Anyone knows this number??

      Thanks in advanced

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          Your local sales representative could probably give you the best answer but I think your question is probably a little tricky...  Because of things like TrustedSource, Connection Control, and LDAP lookups, a lot of connections can be dropped before the appliance actually receives and processes the spam messages.  That's probably why the data sheet only indicates the approximate size of the business, rather than message volume.  (Although McAfee's Marketing Department probably also has the ulterior motive of wanting people to actually call their local rep so they can try to sell an appliance. LOL)  Sorry that's probably not the answer you're looking for.  Maybe one of the support people that frequent the forum will be able to give you a better answer.