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    internet redirecting

      i need some help. i have tried to get mcafee to help me and i guess they don't get rid of viruses. they say i have one on my computer and i am not sure how to get rid of it. i even tried malwarebytes' and it said i had 40 infected files but even fixing that it didn't work. i get redirected after clicking a link on a search engine. this didn't start till i got mcafee back on my computer last week. help please!!!

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          I have this issue too. McAfee software completely fails to detect, isolate or even WARN against this hijacking of Firefox. There is nothing on their website and I'm guessing the developers are counting their billions after the sale of this company and have stopped worrying about our issues. Perhaps after someone hacks into their personal accounts and redirects their money to an unintended destination they will start paying attention again.

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            I have this problem--Firefox pops up with porn sites.  I have blocked the sites but can't get rid of the unwanted firefox popup!  Mcafee scan shows nothing, system restore didn't fix it.  The tech said I had a virus and needed the $89 repair!!  What is this malware?

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              If you suspect you're infected and have trouble finding what is causing the infection, I'd suggest giving this handy tool a try.


              "McAfee GetSusp is intended for users who suspect undetected malware on their system. By using a combination of clever heuristics and querying McAfee's online database of known clean files to gather suspicious files, GetSusp eliminates the user's need for deep technical knowledge of computer systems to isolate undetected malware. McAfee GetSusp is recommended as a tool of first choice when analyzing a suspect machine."


              Get it from here:



              Once GetSusp identifies and collects the suspect files, post the logs here and we community members can help.



              Vinoo Thomas

              Technical Product Manager, McAfee Labs

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                I downloaded GetSusp.  When I run it, it asks for a password.  Should I know what the password is?  The user manual does not mention a password.

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                  The password is "clean"

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                    I ran Gsusp.  The log files zip is attached.

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                      Nothing odd was found in the logs. You could be infected with a rootkit if the re-directions are still happening.


                      The machine is running dats dated 14th Sept. Please update to today's dat and try running a scan.




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                        When I check for updates, I get the message that there is a problem with my internet connection (which works fine for everything else non-McAfee).  I also get the internet error when trying to download Virtual Technician.  I went to the McAfee download site and downloaded DAT 6110.  When I ran it I got a message that it can;t find any "Qualifying McAfee Product".  Two days ago I got the browser redirect problem that sends me to ads when I click any link found from a yahoo or google search.


                        How do I get updates?  How do I identify and fix the redirect problem?

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                          >> can;t find any Qualifying McAfee Product


                          If you're trying to update DATs via the SuperDAT.exe for a McAfee Consumer AV product - this is expected. SuperDAT.exe only supports updating enterprise AV currently.