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    Change the ePo-server on a client

      I'll sketch the situation:

      Previously our network had a domainname and was setup with ePo 3.61. So many clients do have an ePo-agent.

      We migrated and our domainname has changed, so has the ePo server. It's got a new name and ePo 4.5.

      What I'm looking for is a method to have te existing clients to connect to the 4.5 server.

      At the moment I manualy add them and then use deploy agent with force over existing, but I want to automate this process.

      So when a client logs in there runs a script or something that executes the needed commands.

      Can someone provide me the information that I need?

      Thanks in advance



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          There's a few posts in this forum regarding the upgrading of ePO which includes moving clients which you may want to search for.


          It depends what your current agent is, if you want to upgrade it or not or what method of deployment you have.


          If you want to upgrade then you could use a GPO startup script, AD integration etc.


          In the ePO product guide there is a part about transferring systems- but i'm not too sure if that applies to 3.6.1 (i've not looked into it much)


          some ideas anyway...

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            Actualy what I want is something that ignores all already installed McAfee software and distributes the current ePo-agent with the correct serversettings.

            I was also thinking about GPO. If I could integrate something in my login-script it would be the best solution. I just need to know what to include so machines get the ePo-agent and get added to 'my orginisation' on my ePo-server.

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              You can use GPO or login script to check and install the agent.

              If you know the time all your computers are switched on, you can use this option as well:

              • Add all the computers manually to a group in ePO.
              • Create a table query which gives you the list of computers which are not reporting the agent version you are deploying from the above group.
              • Configure a server task to deploy the agent to the resulting list of computers of the above query.
              • Schedule it to run frequently.