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    Problem with VBA macro - VSE fake alert


      Hi together,



      I also posted this request in the EPO sector, but got on answers. Now I post my question here again.

      I get the following VSE 8.7i infection notification warning from our EPO 4.0 server:


      Event-ID: 1025

      Numbers of received Events: 1

      Time of first Event: 8/27/10 12:21:11 PM


      Received Thread Name: X97M/Generic

      Affected Objects: C:\DATEN\EXCEL\EA6C3000\xl/vbaProject.bin\20.OLE

      Client hostname: PC828


      On this client PC works a Excel employee, which programs Excel VBA. And the VSE removes the new programmed code currently. I have created a VSE exclusion for *.OLE files an applied the modified rule with this exclusion to the client container in the EPO environment. I also reactivated the client to update the changes. But this doesn’t solve the problem.


      What can I do, to solve this problem?




      Thanks and Regards from Germany