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    Failed to enable IPS port on M8000 sensor



          Im facing one issue where i have problem to enable IPS port on M8000 sensor. I have done few testing as below:

      1. I have reboot the sensor and connect sensor port 11A and 11B directly to the switch. Both port on the switch that connect to IPS port 11A and 11B is configured in same VLAN. When i enable the sensor port, both port is up (green status ) for a while then it disable automatically. It is a normal behaviour of the IPS port to UP for a while and disable automatically when connecting to the same switch ( same vlan ) .


      2. I connect IPS port 11A and 11B to a notebook . When I enable the sensor port, it show port status is red (Port enable, port down ) then it disable automatically.



      From testing above, is it a normal IPS behaviour ? . I just want to ensure it is not a IPS problem, so i can isolate the issue and troubleshoot another thing eg:network connectivity and so on.