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    Numerous BSODs and some signs point to Mcafee

      So here is the scenario.  I have a seven year old computer which has always worked great.  I have made some minor tweeks but nothing significant recently.  So I was shocked when I started getting random BSODs this past month which came faster and faster as time went on.  I updated all my drivers, updated Windows XP, even swapped out hardware to known good hardware.  Nothing helped in fact it seemed to get worse.  I ran memory tester which came back good along with a test of the CPU (good also).  So I am stumped run a full virus scan as I see it has not done so even though it has been scheduled in the past 30 days.  Sure enough there are two trojans (don't remember what they were).  Mcafee quarantined them but the problems got worse.  I tried a full scan again and every time I tried it the computer would go all BSOD on me.  So finally convinced that a virus was onboard and unbeatable, I reinstalled Windows from a full install.  So sure enough I get all my programs going again and sure enough with a fresh install BSODs again.  Now I am stumped and download the Windows Developer tools for the debugger.  While trying to get everything installed I get five BSODs but it was great to look at.  So once I get it up and running here are the three errors it cited:


      1.  mfehidk.sys   (Unable to verify timestamp for mfehidk.sys)  came up twice

      2.  mfebopk.sys  came up twice

      3.  ntoskrnl.exe   came up once


      A quick search of the net reveals that the first two are Mcafee program drivers.  However I can not find why they are crashing or how to fix them.  I tried searching the Mcafee Website with no luck.  Can anyone here help me out?  Maybe I have another problem that is just manifesting itself with the poor old Mcafee program?  Help!!!