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    How to remove McAfee from server and clients?

      Hi @all,


      I inherited a clients network running anti virus software from McAfee. This is "Epolicy Orchestrator" (version 3.6) and McAfee Antivirus 8.0. The anti virus client is installed on Server (MS Server 2003) and about a dozen clients (Windows XP). When I understand the concepts of this software the right way the client portion of the virus scanner was distributed by Epolicy Orchestrator. Now it's my task do remove the software from server and clients. After nearly one week of searching for documentations I would like to ask here for a hint where to find this documentation.


      I made several efforts to get a "grant" number from the former dealer of the software, but no luck. Also I could not find anything helpful in the internet. So I hope that someone from you can provide me with a link to some useful documents about this task.


      Many thanks in advance and best regards,


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          I've never worked with ePO 3.6, but I know in ePO 4.0 and above you can create a client task to remove the software.  It may be available in 3.6.

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            In the console, highlight Directory under ePolicy Orchestrator- SERVERNAME. then click on the tasks tab on the right hand side. you should see one called deployment (or if not one that if you open it says product deployment)

            Click Settings then find virusscan enterprise 8.0 in the list and chnage install to remove and OK to confirm.


            it will depend on where the task was made etc- but this will give you the basics to wander about.


            Then, right click your site and select agent wakeup call - current selection and all children and click ok.

            If the clients are on they will pickup the polciy and uninstall the software.


            Once done, you can right click delete the clients from the console and select uninstall agent as well.




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              Thanks for input, OIIIIIO (doesn't seem to be your name :-)


              Excuse me please that I did not make clear one point: I'ts impossible to me to use EPO for any install or uninstall task. I tried for days to understand it - no chance. I have no support from the manufacturer because of missing "grant"-number and there is not really (anymore) time to study this system. And even if I would or could put my hands on that: McAfee/AV- and EPO-Software is creating a lot of errors in system protocols of server and clients, so if it does not work no one will know whether you did the mistake with EPO or whether the system is broken.


              So the only way seems to be some removal tool (like other manufacturers offer) or a document that says what to delete in file system and registry on server and clients...


              Thanks and regards,


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                Product guides are available to everyone via the service portal 'Product Documentation' link.


                Service Portal:



                From here you can also freely browse the McAfee Knowledge base too.





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                  Look at the attachment- its only a few clicks......

                  otherwise post a pic of your ePO  console.

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                    Hi jmcleish,


                    thanks for input.


                    I don't know what you mean with "attachment"...


                    Please see my attached jpeg file.




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                      i meant the attachment in my first post-


                      anyway... click on the area on the left that says "Verzeichnis" then on the right pane, click tasks.

                      you should then see your deployment tasks (if they are set at the directory level).

                      then refer to my earlier post- and look at the attached pic.




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                        Hi Jane,


                        sorry, I did not realize your attachement. It's great having seen the point to start with.


                        I will try this tomorrow, for today I have no access to the system I'm talking about. Anyway I will need a lot of confidence to use this software for removal purposes. During the past weeks I was not able to handle at least one single task with this software. One day for example it was necessary to stop the servers AV client to install a database - I couldn't. It reactivated itself again and again, sometimes after 1 Minute, sometimes after 15 Minutes. In the middle of setup process. I didn't find any document in the net to overcome that, no chance. And at the end the database was corrupt!


                        Thanks a lot for your hint, if nothing else is possible I will have to do it this way. But will this really leave the clients file system and registry clean? And what about all that stuff on the server itself (McAfee Virusscan, Groupshield, EPO) with it's numerous folders and files?


                        Thanks again,


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                          Hi Jane,


                          unfortunately your screenshot is quite different from mine, I have only two entries in this task windows which I cannot edit. I tried it not only on directory level ("Verzeichnis"), also on the lower levels down to the single machines - these windows look all the same. Another problem is that in the directory tree on the left hand side  are listed only a few computers. Many of them which definitely have the McAfee AV-Client installed are not listed.


                          What could be done to remove this software and protect this network again? There must be some removal tool from McAfee! Any idea, Jane?


                          Thanks for your patience,


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