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    Latest SecurityCenter will not work

      3 days ago I received the latest SecurityCenter update.


      I have had several issues since this update:


      Once my machine rebooted my desktop would not display.  I ended up restarting my PC in its last known good configuration.

      This allowed me to get my machine back.

      Then I looked at Mcafee.  It was saying I now had two computers on the same license and that I needed to purchase a new license.

      I went into my account an deactivated all the machines listed as active on that license, since they both had the same machine name and IP address.

      When I try to reactivate the software it takes me to a site that says I have to pay for a new license to reactivate the software.

      When I rebooted my machine it would come back with no desktop - so starting from last known good configuration was my only way to get the machine to work.


      Since it was clearly a Mcafee issue causing this, it was the only update implemented since the issue started.  I decided to uninstall and reinstall the software.

      I used the add remove programs to uninstall.  Then went through my account to get the latest download.

      This resolved the issue with my desktop.  However I still cannot get the software to reactivate.


      at this point I went to support.


      I used the Virtual technician.  It found numerous unrecoverable errors.   It recommended I uninstall Mcafee and then use the MCPR.exe to perform a more complete uninstall.  Then reinstall the software.


      After doing all this I still had the same issue.  When I ran the Virtual Technician it reported that I still had a many errors, including an out of date DAT file.


      So I went to an online chat session.

      The online chat associate looked over my machine noticed the out of date DAT file and tried to check for updates.  When the screen for updates comes up it sticks at 0%.

      She then recommended I run the MCPR.exe to fully uninstall the product and then we rinstalled the software.  I informed her I had already done this but was willing to do it again, since this time we were not doing a Program Files -> Uninstall then MCPR.exe -> Reinstall we were just doing an uninstall via MCPR.exe -> Reinstall.

      After the reinstall was performed nothing had changed but the case had been closed.


      So I started a second online case.  I requested that the associate review the previous case before we got to far so we would not just repeat steps already performed.  He ignored this suggestion.  We went through everything the previous chat session took me through and he came to the conclusion that I needed to uninstall Mcafee and then reinstall it.  I informed him that those steps had already been performed twice and they had not resolved the issue.  He reiterated that I needed to uninstall Mcafee and reinstall the software.  I requested he escalate the case up.  He would not respond to the request so I terminated the session.


      So what can I do next.  It is pretty clear there is some form of conflict on my PC with this latest patch and a fresh install is not the answer.


      OS - Windows 7

      SecurityCenter build - 10.5.195

      DAT version 6091.0000



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