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    VirusScan 8.7i + Xdat.exe + Hips


      Can anyone confirm that if you have VirusScan 8.7i and HIPS 7 running on a client and HIPS is set to protect the AV side of things, you can still apply an xdat.exe file to update the client (stand alone client)?


      I'm not sure if HIPS would prevent the xdat.exe from terminating the VS to apply the update?


      Also, if I run my xdat.exe file from say a temp folder, does the package extract the update files to another location before running, like the logged on users temp profile area for example?





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          HIPS should not be hindering the XDAT update.

          What I expect you're running into is the need to reboot after applying the XDAT package before the updated signature files will be loaded by VirusScan. We expect that issue with the XDAT packages to be solved in future.


          The XDAT does operate from another temp location under the user's profile.