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    I'm a long time McA user...is it safe to download the newest updates?


      This is a serious question.

      My desktop has the new AntiVirus Plus updated 8/26/10 with the dat version 6086, dat creation date 8/26/10, Security center 10.5 last updated 8/12/10


      The laptop is the old version, Virus Scan, V13.15, last updated 8/26/10 with dat version 6086, dat creation date 8/26/10, Security Center 9.15 last updated  6/17/2010


      Both are Dell pre-installed and I was told that the difference in the 2 computers having different versions at this point is that Dell rolls out updates regionally so the laptop "will catch up".


      Both are running XP SP3 and currently, both are running well [even though the laptop, after the last McA update has run into minor svchost problems with Windows update, including wuaulct].


      Anyway, after coming to the forums and reading all the problems that seem to be happening with the move to AntiVirus Plus, I am reluctant to proceed with any updates. Currently, both Security Centers tell me I am "protected".


      Folks, I want to be up to date, I don't want a major headache caused by an update. Can you tell me and anyone else reading this post when it is safe to resume updates, please?


      Both computers are located in NYC.