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    Virus Scan Update Download Problem

      I have Security Center 9.15.179 and VirusScan Version 13.15.117. The last sucessful update was on 8/11/10 with DAT version 6071. Since then, every time the Update begins the little icon in my Task Bar says "Downloading McAfee VirusScan but indicates 0% Complete. Up to 8/11/10 I had no problem updating even though I just have a dial-up connection on the computer in question (yes it was somewhat slow). It seems to be stuck at 0% Complete and does not change nor show progress as it did previously no matter what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi marphoto,

          Looks like we have the same problem, it checks for updates, downloads updates but the counter stays at 0 and I get an error message.

          Out of about 12 attempts it has worked twice in the last week or so.

          I have been advised to uninstall / re-install and was waiting till I had time, but I suspect I might be better waiting in case I simply get the same version again.

          I tried to post a link to the other thread but I don't think it's listening to me!

          Oh! just found out the link is on the little icon at the bottom, you learn something every day don't you!

          Best wishes,




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            I was able to uninstall the program but when I tried to download it from the McAfee site, it never finished. Someday I'll have to get broadband on that computer. Anyway, I'm going for a different program. Thanks anyway.

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              Slow download times can happen when we are on slow internet connection, If you still are unable to download McAfee, please get in touch with our McAfee chat technicians through this link here and they will help you to get this installed for you.


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                Ok, here is my solution to my problem. I purchased Virus Scan Plus 2010 from Staples, installed it (the original was uninstalled and my slow connection made it impractical to download the software itself from McAfee.com), then updated it. The latter took about 6 hours (downloading the software itself probably would have taken a week) but I am now up to date, DAT file-wise, and it even updated the Security Center to version. 10.5. Whew! Guess that's a good argument for broadband but unfortunately that's not possible at the moment.


                I received the software from Staples the day after I ordered it. Ok it was an extra expense and I suppose McAfee support might have sent me a disk free or at least cheaper. But I have no patience for struggling through Chat on a dial-up connection, then waiting for who knows how long to receive the disk. As it was, I was able to have VirusScan back up on my computer and updated only one day after I ordered it. I was tempted to buy Norton but I'm not really familiar with that program. Better to stick with the "devil" you know, etc.



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