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      I've had SO much trouble with real-time scanning and tried every 'fix' I've found here, then stumbled upon an easy fix that worked immediately ... though I can't promise it will work for everyone, or permanently for me. Anyhow ...


      Next time it happens to you try this: check the warning flag in bottom right hand corner and see if it is red. If so then click on it and you'll be given a list and be able to turn on Windows Defender. That's it.


      Question whilst Im here:


      I have a persistent random problem of a blank window over-laying what I'm working on, with a message that it's try to close. So I do and it's gone, so just a nuisance ... I hope. I've tried all I can think of including clearing all cookies, but it makes no difference,


      The address is  (amch.questionmarket.com)  and on checking it appears to have something to do with porn. Is there anyway to block a particular address?