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    Tag Builder

      Tag Builder, under Criteria, i get this message:

      "What criteria do you want to use to automatically apply this tag to systems? Please note that SQL Server limitations restrict the amount of allowable criteria. A warning will be generated if too many criteria are entered. "


      How do I extend the number of lines? Can not create more than 25 lines in the criteria section.

      Using SQL server 2005 express.





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          Not come across this as I only have a few criteria set in my tags, but it sounds as thought that's hard-coded.


          That sounds like an awfully complex tag you are building- can you shorten it at all or post what options you are setting at all?



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            i know complex. I need more than 25 becuse its all the subnets in one tag. I think its a DB limit because on an other ePO server running 2008 Express there is no limit.