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    Exclude UltraVNC on EPO 4.5


      Hi !


      I am having some problems with the AntiSpyware Enterprise module and  VNC.


      In  fact,  ASE detects VNC as potential malware and  removes it, but we use it in my company to connect remotely to our  clients.


      I have excluded UltraVNC trough Unwanted Programs Policy in ePO 4.5 but the exclusions can not be applied to the end users VSE.



      I use Win 2008 (french version ); EPO 4.5 ; VSE 8.7 Patch3 ; ASE 8.7

      Win XP ; Win 7 (french version)



      Does anyone know why the exclusions configured in EPO 4.5  can not be  applied to the end user antivirus?