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    McAfee - Stopped Working Error in Win-7

      Hi, I just installed Windows 7 and McAfee internet Security 2010 about two weeks ago.


      I've been getting "McAfee Stopped Working" messages; the message has two options, 1- to check for a resolution and 2- to close the program.


      When I run MVT I get a message that it cannot check my computer; MVT says it “Cannot find McAfee products on your system” error.?



      Is there a fix for this error? I also know of another friend that is getting the same error, he is also running a new copy of Win-7 and McAfee.



      Thanks for the help in advance.


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          Peter M

          Is it a Windows stop notice?  I'm getting the same thing in one of my Vista Ultimate OS's.   In my case although it closes another taskbar icon immediately appears to take it's place so in reality protection continues.


          Is that what is happening here?  If so it is a known issue and we are waiting for some movement on it.


          You might want to register the issue with Technical Support Chat (See Useful Links at top of page).

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            Peter M

            Moved to SecurityCenter 10 - 2010.

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              Peter M

              Can you open SecurityCenter and go to Navigation (top right) and go to About and post the AFFID number please?



              Some partner provided products (McAfee from Dell etc) often don't show up on MVT for a while after they are released.

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                Thank you for your message.


                I obtained the software from the McAfee website a couple weeks ago.


                My Affid #'s are.



                McAfee SecurityCenter

                Version: 10.5

                Build: 10.5.195

                Affid: 643

                Last update: 8/19/2010


                McAfee VirusScan

                Version: 14.5

                Build 14.5.113

                Last update: 8/29/2010

                DAT Version 6089

                DAT Creation Date: 08/29/2010

                Engine Version: 5400.1158


                McAfee Personal Firewall

                Version: 11.5

                Last update: 08/19/2010


                McAfee SiteAdvisor

                Version: 3.2

                Affid: 0

                Last update: 08/20/2010


                McAfee Anti-Spam

                Version 11.5

                Build: 11.5.131

                Content Version 3610

                Content update: 08/30/2010

                Engine version:


                McAfee QuickClean & Shredder

                Version 10.5

                Build 10.5.108

                Last update 08/19/2010





                I just reinstalled MVT and re-ran it again, it is still unable to find a any McAfee products on my system.


                I am running Win7-64bit Pro. On a Dell XPS-720-Quad Core-Vnidia/SLI set up.



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                  Peter M

                  Thanks, I'll pass that on.

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                    Any progress on this issue?

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                      Peter M

                      Sorry Rick no there isn't.  It wouldn't harm if you opened a case with Technical Support Chat, linked under Useful Links above.

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                        I just tried that and didn't get anyplace.


                        The tech said I need to reinstall the product?  When I asked him why would I need to do that on a fresh OS and McAfee installed right after the OS, he didn't answer.  Then he said oh, there is a known issue with Win7-64, and they are working on it. I them asked him if there was a known issue when did he tell me I needed to re-install the product, again, no reply. Finally I asked him for a link or thread that I can go to that shows this is a known issue, again no reply.


                        I honestly think he had no clue and was just brushing me off.


                        But thanks again for replying to my post.



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                          Peter M

                          I wish they'd tell us 'there's a known issue' as I have it installed in 2 Windows 7 x64 installations with no errors at all.  Mine has this issue is in Vista x64.


                          In my case I get the Windows popup saying McAfee Sec. Center has stopped working and the taskbar icon is immediately replaced by a new icon.


                          At no point does Windows tell me that I need protection.


                          This leads me to suspect that it isn't a serious matter only a UI glitch.


                          I've submitted logs to them and they are working on it.


                          That's why I was hoping that the technician would ask for your logs.



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