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    Problem with latest McAfee update

      During the past 3 days when my computer has automatically updated McAfee in Australia, it has subsequently caused major issues with my computer.   Primarily this is seen as causing Vista Windows Explore to stop operating and the whole computer seizes up.


      I know it is the McAfee update as after using System Restore a number of times I have been able to restore to before the system before the update.


      Other issues seem to relate to Windows Defender not recognising McAfee after the update.


      I have since disabled the automatically update, restored the system and all is working fine.  However am seeing this as only a temporary solution and would like to have a fully-functioning McAfee.


      Any help or advice greatly welcome!


      Not sure if anyone knows what some of this is, but attached are some of the recent event logs - before and after the most recent restore.


      Thank you!

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          I am really sorry I can't help, but am having the same sort of thing - Vista - Internet Explorer freezing many, many times in a browsing session (I am in the UK and problem started after McAfee updated to the latest version mid-August).   I would love to have my machine back to running as sweetly as it did before the update.


          I hope you hear what to do soon.

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            Thanks!  Good to know I'm not alone.


            McAfee Technical Support are on the case and I've got back to them with some additional information so hopefully a solution isn't far away.   Strangely, I couldn't get McAfee Virtual Technician to run properly on my computer.  This was one of the tasks they asked me to complete and get back them on.   Not sure why it's not working.


            I also wonder if it had something to with the Norton Virus Scan downloaded with the latest DivX update.   I've since uninstalled Norton and restored to before Norton.

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              When mine updated to latest version the 3 accounts on the PC had been set to having parental controls ON (we are fully mature adults here and have never had them set) and Internet Explorer had some settings changed, including the security level that I had been using for a few years and I couldn't get to anywhere on the internet that I regularly go.


              Yesterday I got a Fix from Microsoft website for Internet Explorer 8 which switched on 3 things that had been turned off by that update.   Since I did that the amount of freezing whilst browsing has lessened, but it is still occurring.


              Since mid August when it updated, when I am browsing I often get a box up asking me if I want to install Internet Explorer 8, which is what I have been using for rather a long time now.   It appeared again this afternoon.   It looks as if the machine thinks I am using an earlier version?


              At the moment I have the result of a freeze a short while ago on my screen - a tab which contains a black screen with white text saying Internet Explorer is not responding and I can't close it down.


              It has been 3 or 4 years since I have been using McAfee on this machine, maybe not for much longer though?

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                Ther's a problem with today's update, don't download 6090dat

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                  Boy am I glad I decided to just go to bed last night even though I hadn't received dat 6090 yet. I turn off machine when I retire. Today I noticed no updates since dat 6089, so did a manual, and it is now at dat 6091.  Skipped 6090? Wondered why, so checking here at the forum gave me the answer...another bad dat. I got the one from April 21 because I was in a hurry and did a manual. Bad me...cost me big time. And I had decided not to manually download dats anymore, but this version of McAfee is nothing like 2009 and takes its own good natured time to download dats. This time it was for a reason, so maybe slow is better.

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                    I've heard back from McAfee Technical support and they've suggested the following activities.


                    I'm only halfway through this list so can't say if it does the trick or not, but thought I would share.


                    It takes a while - especially Step 6


                    Will let you know if it works



                    STEP 1: Delete User temporary files and folders.


                    1. Click Start- Run
                    2. Type %temp%
                    3. Click OK
                    4. Select all the files and press the Delete key.


                    NOTE: Please do not worry if you are unable to delete some files/folders. Try to delete as many files as possible. To select all the files, please hold down the key that says "Ctrl" and press the "A" key once. To deselect a particular file, hold down the key that says "Ctrl" and single click on that particular file.


                    NOTE: For Windows Vista, hold down the key that has Windows logo on it and then press the "R" key once. This will open the Run box.


                    STEP 2: Delete system temporary files and folders


                    1. Click Start- Run
                    2. Type temp
                    3. Click OK
                    4. Select all the files and press the Delete key.


                    STEP 3: Delete recently accessed files and folders shortcut


                    1. Click Start- Run
                    2. Type recent
                    3. Click OK
                    4. Select all the files and press the Delete key.


                    STEP 4: Delete recently accessed programs and applications shortcut


                    1. Click Start- Run
                    2. Type prefetch
                    3. Click OK
                    4. Select all the files and press the Delete key.


                    STEP 5: Run the Disk Cleanup utility to automatically clean unnecessary files


                    1. Click Start- Run
                    2. Type cleanmgr
                    3. Click OK
                    4. Select C: drive and click OK.
                    5. Select all check boxes except " Setup Log Files "
                    6. Click OK.
                    7. On the next pop up box, click " Yes "


                    STEP 6 : Run Check Disk


                    1. Double click on My Computer.
                    2. Right click on C: drive and select "Properties".
                    3. Click on "Tools" tab
                    4. Click on " Check Now " button
                    5. In the next prompt you will get the options:


                    i) "Automatically fix file system errors"
                    ii) "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors"


                    6. Select both the options by clicking in the check boxes beside them.
                    7. You will get the option "Do you want to schedule this disk check to occur the next time you restart the computer?"
                    8. Click on "Yes" button.
                    9. Restart the computer.


                    STEP 7: Repair Internet Explorer by following the below provided instructions :
                    1. Open Internet Explorer.
                    2. Click on Tools.
                    3. Click on Internet Options.
                    4. Click on the General tab. Under Browsing History section, click on 'Delete'.
                    5. On the next screen, click on 'Delete All'.
                    6. Click Yes on the next screen. Wait till the deletion is complete.
                    7. After this, click on the Advanced tab.
                    8. Click on the "Reset" button. (Do not click on "Restore advanced settings" button)
                    9. Wait until the Internet Explorer resets all the settings.
                    10. Click "Yes" on the small warning box to close all Internet Explorer Windows.
                    11. Click OK to close the Internet Options properties Window.
                    12. Close the Internet Explorer Window.


                    STEP 8: Perform Windows update


                    1. Open Internet Explorer and type the following in the address bar and press the Enter key




                    2. Your computer will connect to Internet and try to update Windows automatically.


                    After this check for the issue.


                    In case if the issue still persists, please follow the instructions provided below to uninstall and reinstall McAfee program.


                    Step 1: Please follow the instructions provided below to run the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe) to uninstall the McAfee program.


                    Please copy and paste the below provided link on a new webpage.


                    Run the MCPR tool from the below given link, this will uninstall all the McAfee products.




                    Note: Windows Vista/Windows 7 users must right-click MCPR.exe and select Run as Administrator.


                    If you receive any error message while running the MCPR tool please follow the steps given


                    1. Click Start, Run type tasks and press ENTER.
                    2. Right-click McAfee Cleanup and select Delete.
                    3. Run the McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool (MCPR.exe) again.
                    4. Restart the computer when the uninstallation process is complete.


                    Step 2: Run preinstall tool to make sure all temp files are deleted and required DLL files are re-registered:
                    Run the McAfee Preinstall Tool from the following link:
                    http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe
                    * Click on Run
                    * Click on Run Again.
                    * Click on start
                    * Click on OK in the next window
                    (This would take few seconds to clean up the computer.)
                    * Once completed click on close.


                    Step 3: Please follow the steps provided below to login to your McAfee account and Download / install the McAfee product.


                    1. Please copy and paste the link given below on a new webpage.
                    2. If you have forgotten the password, please use "Forgot your password" link found on the login page and enter your email address. The link to reset the password will be sent to your email. Create a new password to login to the McAfee account.
                    3. Click My Account.
                    4. If prompted, enter your registered email address and password.
                    5. Click Log In.
                    6. Click the red down arrow button in the 'Download/Install' column.
                    7. Click on " I Agree" at the bottom of the page after going through the McAfee User
                    License Agreement.
                    8. Click On "Download".
                    9. Wait while the service downloads.
                    10. Once downloaded, follow the prompts to install the service.


                    The information I have provided should resolve the issue.



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                      Peter M

                      mattyhart - thanks for posting what Tech Support told you.


                      hopeless1 - this is the Australian updates that are being discussed, not the USA but I notice that 6090 seems to be missed out here as mine just updated to 6091 from 6089 too.


                      Good luck!



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                        Thanks Ex_Brit. I hadn't realized the thread wasn't USA comments.

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                          Peter M

                          No problem...let's hope all is OK for the original poster.


                          I've moved this to SecurityCenter 10 as a more appropriate place.