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    Maximize McAfee Window

      OS: Vista  Internet connection:  Dial-up


      Friday my McAfee Security Center window said my computer was "not fully protected" but the window is too small and I cannot get it to maximize so that I can click on the "fix" button.  I have had the same message many times in the three or so years I've had this computer.  I have tried right clicking  the McAfee logo in the right top of window but "maximize" is grey and it will not expand by dragging from sides or corners.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

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          Peter M

          There is only one size for the SecurityCenter window.


          You must have your display  settings at an abnormal level for this to happen as SecurityCenter  normally would only fill less than one quarter of the screen See  attached image - click to enlarge).


          Check  your browser settings under  Tools/Internet Options/General -  Appearance and make sure under the Accessibility tab that nothing is  selected.


          Then download and run the Virtual technician.





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            thanks ex-brit but that wasn't the problem.  I had already run virtural technician.  The box used to come up about 2 inches longer horizontally; vertically, it is the same size.  I guess I'll just live with it.  I've tried everything I could think of and none of it worked so as long as I can still scan and use MVT to fix, that's what I'll do.  Thanks again

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              Peter M

              Was it a popup window that you are talking about?   I suppose you tried to click & drag it into view?  It's not always possible, just a thought.


              You could try Technical Support Chat available via THIS link, if you wish.