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    False positive - Freenet

      McAfee is incorrectly identifying two executables for Freenet (http://freenetproject.org/) as trojans:

           freenetlauncher.exe - Artemis!82C33D97FD3C

           freenettray.exe - Artemis!D15711371E33


      I realize Freenet is kind of funky, but I'm pretty sure it's not actually a trojan. I used "Send to McAfee" from the quarantine list. Is there anything else I need to do?

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          Please let us know the version details of the McAfee programs that you have in your computer

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            Sorry, should have thought of that...


            From the About screen (and, hey, shouldn't I be able to copy & paste info from that window?):

            McAfee SecurityCenter

                 Version 10.5

                 Build 10.5.195

                 AffId 572-41


            McAfee VirusScan

                 Version 14.5

                 Build 14.5.113

                 DAT Version 6089

                 Engine Version 5400.1158


            McAfee Personal Firewall

                 Version 11.5

                 Build 11.5.135


            McAfee SiteAdvisor

                 Version 3.1


                 AffId 572


            That enough to identify what I've got?

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              Hi Salvius,


              McAfee Artemis Technology is an added protection that secures your computer from threats as they strike by allowing your McAfee security software to check with McAfee servers in real-time to identify new threats and take appropriate action to protect your computer.


              As in your case;  they require no effort on your part as we have automatically added this additional protection for our customers. In the future, you may see that a suspicious file has been quarantined or blocked. You can identify this as being an Artemis detection by its name, which will begin with the word Artemis.


              Dinesh K
              McAfee Online Community Moderator



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                Right, I gathered that. My point was that, in the specific instance of these two files, Artemis is quarantining them, but I don't want them quarantined. I know what these files do, and I am confident that they are not actually a threat. The source code is publicly available, and the project is supported by people I respect. That's why my subject line referred to it as a "false positive".