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    Restore Online Backup - Web Restore

      I lost a pc in a flood last week. The day before I performed an online backup via McAfee. I purchased a new pc yesterday and I want to perform a Web Restore on it to get my data.


      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


      McAfee Total Protection - this new pc came pre-installed with a trial McAfee internet suite (without online backup). I removed it, ran the MCPR tool, then downloaded Total Protection from My Account online. Installed and updated.


      Now when I click Online Backup in Navigation Center I get the User Account Control pop-up, select Yes... and NOTHING. I just goes away.


      When I access My Account/Online Backup Details:  I can see:


      3-User McAfee Internet Security
      Subscription 1, Via: McAfee

      Total Licenses: 3 (2 in use; 1 available)

      Includes 1 GB Online Backup:Upgrade Storage |Web Restore


      I select Web Restore and get this:


      3-User McAfee Internet Security

      Subscription 1:Via McAfeeExpiration Date: 9/6/2010

      You Have Unused Licenses Available

      3-User McAfee Total Protection

      Subscription 1:Via McAfeeExpiration Date: 8/28/2011

      You Have Unused Licenses Available


      I can't find a link to download/restore my data. I paid for the subscription renewal but still get the warning that my subscription is about to expire - and worse, that my stored online data will be lost then too.


      Chat (technical) support hasn't been able to help. They said I would be called back tomorrow from tier-2 support, but I'm hoping someone here can help faster.


      Can anyone help?


      Licenses removfed for your security - MOD



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