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    Need to migrate from EPO 3.6 to 4.0/4.5 - on different server, in different subnet




      Currently running a 3.6 install and need to migrate to 4.0/4.5. Been putting it off for as long as possible because I hate the move to a web front end - I've used it in test labs and detest it - but the move has been mandated on me because support for 3.6 is finished.


      Decided to bite the bullet and move the whole thing to a different subnet (currently running from an office which has great bandwidth to our main colo, but not so great to our other sites, so makes sense to centralise it.)


      Is there a KB article (or articles) I can find that will detail the steps I need to follow? I'm on SQL Server 2000 (and won't be changing that platform - but will be installing it on the new server and (hopefully) moving the EPO DB across.). Both O/Ses are W2K3 SP2 and fully patched. No distributed repositories.