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    Windows 7 update furious.....

      Oh my god!  I am posting the content of my live help session with a McAfee customer service agent here.  If anyone can be more useful than this person I would greatly appreciate it.  I really wish I had done the same for my first conversation with the first agent I spoke with.   After having some problems with my installed for 6 months McAfee program I allowed him to take control of my computer and remove the software.  He instructed me to restart and resinstall.  Now I get the blue screen of death and service agent #2 apologizes that he removed my partially working copy, tells me of the known issue that is "about to be fixed" since april and says there is nothing they can do to restore my service immediately.  here is the posted conversation.  Are people here SURE that these are live humans on the other end?  Seriously.  I'm about ready to tortue a small animal or something.




      GoToAssist (18:22:14):
      Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Support.  An agent will be with you shortly.


      Pretty (18:22:28):
      Hi Patrick, this is Pretty from McAfee Technical Support and I would be assisting you today.


      Customer (18:22:57):
      hi.  i just finished a live session with a mcafee agent.  are you able to look up the log of that service rather than me re-explaining things?
      Customer (18:23:39):
      he took control on my computer to fix a blue screen of death issue.  removed mcafee successfully, instructed me to reboot and reinstall.  reinstallation of mcafee software causes blue screen crash again.


      Pretty (18:24:16):
      As I understand, McAfee installation caused blue screen of death. Is that correct?
      Pretty (18:24:20):
      Patrick, I am happy to assist you with this issue. In order to assist you better, I need to gather some basic technical information about your computer. I will send you a pop-up, please click on 'OK' to provide me the information.


      Customer (18:24:28):
      might be more info to help you in our support log if you save those.  it looks from your community forums to be a known issue with windows 7 64bit.  supposedly a fix was in the works or is done now?
      Customer (18:24:30):
      Customer (18:24:57):
      you might as well send the request to gain access as well


      GoToAssist (18:25:02):
      Representative Pretty has requested system information from customer Customer.
      GoToAssist (18:25:05):
      Customer Customer has sent system information to representative Pretty.


      Pretty (18:25:05):
      Patrick, for verification purpose, may I have your home telephone number with area code first?
      Pretty (18:25:08):
      Thank you for providing system information, Patrick.


      Customer (18:25:11):


      Pretty (18:25:21):
      How do you currently connect to the Internet? (Dial-up, DSL, Cable, or Wireless)


      Customer (18:25:27):


      Pretty (18:25:29):
      Thank you for all the information, Patrick.
      Pretty (18:25:39):
      This is a known issue with windows 7 64 bit OS.


      Customer (18:26:02):
      it only started this last week.  i have had mcafee running without trouble for over 6 months
      Customer (18:26:12):
      how do i get mcafee reinstalled and protecting again


      Pretty (18:26:33):
      Our Engineering Team is working on this issue and soon this will be fixed.
      Pretty (18:26:59):
      This issue has caused after the recent upgrade and this will be fixed soon.


      Customer (18:27:25):
      why is this just a problem for me in the last 1 week though.  and the threads discussing this in your forums as a known problem with a fix coming are dated April 2010
      Customer (18:27:48):
      and a fix was "coming soon" back then


      Pretty (18:27:56):
      Automatic upgrade happens gradually. It won't happen all at once.
      Pretty (18:28:15):
      Please wait for 2- 3 weeks and contact us back.


      Customer (18:28:23):
      i was virus protected through monday of this week. 
      Customer (18:28:44):
      and just had the last live chat technician uninstall all of my virus software from my computer 10 minutes ago
      Customer (18:28:55):
      and tell me to reinstall to fix the issue


      Pretty (18:29:11):
      We understand your concern, we suggest you to wait for few days to get this issue resolved.


      Customer (18:29:33):
      is there any way to put me back in touch with the technician I was speaking with previously.


      Pretty (18:30:13):
      Sorry, we are unable to connect you to the previous technician.


      Customer (18:30:14):
      I understand this is a software issue for you guys as well but it seems a little ridiculous to me that just 20 minutes ago i had mcafee working (partially) and then during a live chat session you guys uninstalled it
      Customer (18:30:19):
      and now i have no mcafee
      Customer (18:31:01):
      mcafee was working for me earlier today on email and browser security.  i just couldn't download virus updates or turn on automatic file scanning


      Pretty (18:31:19):
      We completely understand your frustration.
      Pretty (18:31:46):
      Our Development Team is working on this issue and this will be taken care of soon.


      Customer (18:32:11):
      and occasionally it would turn off and then turn back on protection.  but it was still functioning a bit.  until literally.......right before I got on chat with you.....your tech deleted my temp file folder contents, ran a support tech program to remove all traces of the software, downloaded a new copy to my desktop and told me to restart and install
      Customer (18:33:21):
      just checking.....am I speaking with a live human at the moment or am I stuck in some kind of automated reply loop?  not trying to be insulting....i've just experienced the latter before


      Pretty (18:33:44):
      I do understand your concern, please accept our apologies, our development Team is working on this issue and this will be taken care of soon.


      Customer (18:33:58):
      please connect me with a live technician


      Pretty (18:34:39):
      I assure you that this issue will get resolved very soon and you will get a confirmation mail regarding this issue


      Customer (18:35:05):
      i am pretty sure i am speaking with a computer at the moment.  please put me through to a person


      Pretty (18:35:24):
      You are talking to a person not to  a computerl.


      Customer (18:35:33):
      ok sorry.


      Pretty (18:35:38):
      That's ok.


      Customer (18:36:00):
      i have had some chats with some pretty convincing computers before.  it's the canned customer service speak that usually gives it away


      Pretty (18:36:29):
      Patrick, once the issue is fixed we can add 30 days with the existing subscription as a compensation for these days,.


      Customer (18:37:18):
      are you able to reference my previous tech support session?  i have no way of referencing back to it.  adding 30 days is fine but it just seems really odd to me that in my 45 minute chat with Rajeesh, he did not mention any of this, he just wiped mcafee off my computer and told me to reinstall
      Customer (18:37:45):
      at this point i wish he had just told me what you did, stayed off my computer, and left me with my partially working copy of mcafee


      Pretty (18:38:00):
      We apologize for the previous interaction you had.
      Pretty (18:38:17):
      The latest version of McAfee has a compatibilty issue with windows 7 64 bit.


      Customer (18:38:30):
      no way to undo his uninstall though


      Pretty (18:39:11):
      No, Patrick.
      Pretty (18:39:17):
      Please wait for 2- 3 weeks.
      Pretty (18:39:21):
      This issue will be fixed.
      Pretty (18:39:30):
      You can contact us back in 21 days.


      Customer (18:39:43):
      in the meantime is there any value in this beta version that people are discussing on your forums?


      Pretty (18:40:00):
      No, Patrick.
      Pretty (18:40:20):
      Patrick, is there anything else that I can help you with McAfee products today?
      Pretty (18:41:36):
      Patrick, please reply if you are still working with us.


      Customer (18:41:38):
      can you please share with everyone in your service center that it is not a good idea to uninstall people's mcafee software only to have the next tech tell them that it is a known problem and the uninstall cannot be undone and there is no virus protection available for a month or more


      Pretty (18:42:04):
      Sure, this will be cascaded to the team.
      Pretty (18:42:18):
      Please accept our sincere apologies.


      Customer (18:42:29):
      i understand this is not personally your fault but really....."my name is rajeesh and I will help you.....here let me uninstall your software"  "my name is pretty and I apologize that rajeesh removed your mcafee, call us in 3-4 weeks"


      Pretty (18:43:13):
      Patrick, this will be cascaded to our Team.
      Pretty (18:43:23):
      Please contact us back in 3 weeks time.


      Customer (18:43:39):
      ok thank you.


      Pretty (18:43:43):
      You are welcome.
      Pretty (18:43:44):
      Patrick, you may receive a survey from McAfee that will give you an opportunity to provide feedback on the support we have offered. This information will help us to improve our support. Thank you for contacting McAfee Technical Support.



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          Sorry to hear that you are having issue(s) now concerning the bsod


          Could you please post the session id numbers for both of your chat sessions?

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            Service Request #: 553872342 = Service technician Rajesh helps me by taking remote control of my computer and removing McAfee software.  Dumps temporary file folder.  Downloads McAfee installation exe file and instructs me to reboot and install.  He seemed very helpful and like a real person capable of giving help.


            Rebooted and installed.  Immediate Blue Screen of Death.  Forums on here list known software issue with "fix coming soon" since april.  Got back onto support...


            Service Request #: 553897551 = Service technician Pretty.  All of her responses were clearly from a flow sheet of what to say.   All full of customer service "soundbytes".  Not helpful at all.  Did not respond to direct questions asked.  Had to ask her to make sure she was really a human.  She claimed not to be able to access my previous service claim.  She said there was nothing to be done.  Her final position "we apologize for the actions of the previous technician.  there is nothing we can do for you.  call back in 3 or 4 weeks.  You will not have virus protection until we fix this later"



            I understand how customer service works and I understand that this is a software issue you guys are dealing with but I had at least a partially working McAfee program until Rajesh uninstalled it remotely and told me a reinstall would solve my problem.


            Can you be of any better assistance.  I am about ready to demand a full refund and to switch to norton and make sure everyone I know knows why.  I've got about 2 more polite service tech conversations left in me (because I am a saint) before I lay into some poor person on the phone who has no fault in this matter when I finally lose it.








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              I am just a volunteer here on this forum and I attempt to gather facts and by you providing the session numbers will help getting your issue resolved as quickly as possible. There are several McAfee employees that read these forums and you can identify them with a red M underneath their avatars. It is the weekend now and I don't know how quickly one of them will respond to you but that is all I can do and I will flag this for some attention.

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                What model PC? ie brand


                Both EX_brit and I ( both volunteer mods here) run win 7 64 bit and to date we have not seen any bsods though several have been mentioned.

                1 was with netbooks (fixed)

                2 was with toshiba Pcs (fixed in beta version about to be released)

                3rd was a sys file did your bsod mention any file and did it create a mini dump file?


                When you installed again did you run the preinstall file?

                http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreinstall.e xe


                I will pass on your issues to our admin and techs in our Monday call. None of them will be in over the weekend unfortunately.





                on 28/08/10 6:43:05 PM



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                  Along with the above information, could you please confirm if we receive the BSOD during the installation (ie after clicking on Run (or) post installation and upon restarting ) ??


                  Dinesh K
                  McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                    Did you have an issue with the McAfee window only opening halfway (the right half of the window is not visible or accessible)??  There seems to be no problems opening other programs.


                    This problem just started today on my computer.  (Windows 7)



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                      Nothing here that sounds like a resolution issue or the DPI setting made too large 125% Can you please check this... Control panel display set display text size large is too high



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                        Like Patrickv80, I have now spent several hours over several calls with McAfee tech service, trying to get them to fix the bsod which originally began occurring 5 weeks ago, after a McAfee update session, on my 5 month old Dell with Windows 7.  The original "fix" lasted just 2 weeks, then multiple bsod crashes again.  Three tech support sessions in the last 10 days; each one ends with "I must escalate this issue; please give me two 2 hour periods in the next 48 hours that you will be available and someone will call".  First time, no return call.  Second time, call came to my cell 7 hours later than time I specified, and I was away from home.  Third time, connection made (again, not at time specified), but chat contact on computer disappeared 20 minutes into the session.  Technician called back 2 hours later, remoted my machine and changed some things, re-downloaded McAfee AV (which I had removed in a desperate attempt to stop bsod), but was completely unable to re-install after 3 attempts.  He then says I have a virus, and need a complete scan; he gives me a number to call.  I decided "enough!", download Microsoft Security Essentials (FREE!), and perform a complete scan: no viruses.  Then go to Norton website and perform FREE scan there: no viruses.  Needless to say, I am not attempting to re-install the newly downloaded McAfee product on my machine.  How can they stay in business???

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                          Hello there,

                          Sorry for your frustration and I apologize for the bitter experience with our tech support.  With regards to you issue, if you are seeing this post before installing McAfee onto your computer, please be informed that we  have found that a specific WLAN Atheros driver (WLAN_Atheros (Foxconn) driver version - is common to the affected systems with BSOD.  So, before you start downloading again please have a check on the below item,


                          1. Right-click Computer.
                          2. Click Manage.
                          3. In the left panel, click Device Manager.
                          4. Expand Network Adapters.
                          5. Right-click the Atheros network adaptor.
                          6. Click Properties.
                          7. Click the Driver tab.
                          8. The WLAN Atheros driver versions should be or higher.


                          If you have a driver version earlier than than, you must update this driver before installing your McAfee security suite. Updating the driver version or disabling the wireless card allows the system to restart normally


                          Please let me know if you come across any difficulty on the same.




                          Dinesh K

                          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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