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    About avvdat-xxxx.zip



      This file is being downloaded from the repository of Mcafee and synchronized with the ePOSA servers.

      It is approximately 75Mbytes in size and is a headache sync it over slow links.

      We observed an option "Replicate Dat's Legacy" and would like to know if this is related to download this package type.


      V1 Dat files is related with the option Legacy Dat ?We are using versions:



      ePO 4.5

      VSE 8.7



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          As far as i am aware, the zip file is used by clients that have an older dat that the lowest-numbered .gem file in your repository- eg. if your oldest gem file is 60586059avv.gem and your client has a dat version of 6055 (maybe been off for a while) then it can't use the gem files as there not sequential to get it to the correct version and thefore it has to download the avvdat file as a whole.


          (hope that makes sense.)


          I think the legacy files included some extra config files to download into the repo for them to be able to update.