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    A really simple question


      I have been a McA user for many years.

      I have a Dell desktop and a Dell laptop, both with McA Virus Scan and Security Center.

      2 weeks ago? when checking for updates, I received a new version on my Desktop called Virus Scan Plus with a new "sheild" in my system tray. So far so good.

      On the same evening I checked for updates on my laptop. I received an update but did not get the new Virus Scan Plus.

      I have subsequently completed an update each week for 2 weeks for both computers.

      The laptop has still not received the new Virus Scan Plus update.

      What's the deal?



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          Peter M

          If McAfee is provided by Dell then they only just started updating to 2010 so the chances are it's just a matter of which server gets the update first/next.  It will happen eventually.

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            Thank you, Ex_B,

            Yes, both the laptop and the desktop are McA provided by Dell.

            Appreciate you response.


            As an aside, when my laptop connects to my home wifi connection, the first time I connect for the day and I open a browser, task manager indicates that svchost and wuauclt start surging in memory usage and eventually, sucking cpu up to 90%+ and anywhere from 125-150mg of memory. If I close the browser and disable the wifi connection, within a minute, both svchost and wuauclt drop dramatically to about 10-15 mg of memory. On reconnection all is well.

            This started happening right after a McA update about a month or so ago...any thoughts? I understand the 2 processes in question are the windows auto update processes, but why would this start happening now after no occurrences over the past couple of years? Is there a relationship between McA and the windows auto update processes?

            I'm using Windows XP SP3 on a Dell Inspiron 600m.

            Thanks again...

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              Peter M

              There is a known issue with svchost and a patch is slowly being released to servers.  It'll take a while to reach all.


              I believe it can be 'rushed' by uninstalling, running MCPR removal tool (linked under Useful Links above), rebooting and then reinstalling directly froim your online account.


              That procedure might also give you the 2010 product on the one with the older installation.

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                Thanks once again.

                Gotta tell you, I've been a McA user since Windows 98. A couple of years ago McA had a big problem towards the end of the W98 - 2000 rollout. It was pretty disastrous for users. I almost deserted at that time, but hung in.Since then, I have found McA to be pretty reliable. A couple of comments:


                - Does McA understand that when they release a new/updated product, the User Interface is as important as any new feature/tool running in the background? I am astounded that, just as users get really comfortable with the interface, it changes and a whole new learning curve has to be confronted. That's BAD for users. Users always have new learning curves. They don't want additional learning curves unless absolutely necessary. Keep the quality interface, add the additional tools/features to the current quality interface and users won't be alienated.


                - Does McA understand that all home users are not that sophisticated when it comes to their machines? If so, and I've inquired about this via email to McA and got a completely unsatisfactory answer, why can't McA have scheduled patch updates?   In other words, as Microsoft does, have a specific day each week where the weekly update is available. That accomplishes a couple of things,


                1- users who are not on auto update know when to look for their update,

                2- users who are intimidated by being early updaters for fear of a bad patch, can wait a day or two or three to make sure the patch rolls out without problems, and yet they still know they need to update. That's exactly what I do.

                3- McA, using the scheduled approach, avoids those less than sophisticated users patching immediately after release running into a bad patch problem and causing customer service barrages

                4- McA can send a notice when an important out of cycle patch is released, as they do now with "have not checked for 5 days" notices.

                5- when one receives the "...have not checked for an update in 5 days" the user has no idea if a patch is available or not.

                6- Users are subscribed to the McA service, they are NOT looking to avoid using the service. The auto update is a huge fear factor for many users, it can cause major problems. Allowing those who do not like auto updates to know exactly what regularly scheduled day the weekly patch is released would allow users to monitor the news AND the forum to make sure all is running well. Again, reducing customer service for McA and headaches for users.

                7- On the updates to Security Center, include a notice if any changes are made to user settings, instead of having the user find out for themselves after a problem occurs. If McA changes a setting let the user know.


                I can probably list a couple of more 'suggestions' but I'll leave that for another time. If you take one thing away from this post, pass along to McA the ongoing concern users have for auto updates that may go bad. People want to stay up to date, they want to stay protected, they don't want an unusable or totally changed computer experience. Allowing users to use auto updates is fine, allowing users to be aware that a new update is available every Tuesday, for instance, so they can monitor the goings on for a short period of time to avoid a problem, is better. Regularly scheduled weekly updates is a GOOD thing.


                Lastly, for years the business model of security software has been to "scare" people into a purchase and to keep them "scared" so they use it and stay a customer. That model still works, as evidenced by phony pop up security problems warnings that force people into buying product/malware releases, but it's a dead end model. When users feel that their security software company is their "partner", not a potential problem, the company will keep customers and obtain new ones by word of mouth. No one wants to consider their security software as much of a potential problem as the viruses and malware that are out there, but, sadly, many people do. That needs to change. I hope you can pass this post on to the chain of command above you, maybe even the CEO. He needs to read this kind of comment.


                Thanks again, you're one of the better regular responders I've seen on this McA site.

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                  Peter M

                  I hear you and many or most of your suggestions there have been put forward repeatedly by us.  Another way is to participate in beta testing, see the link below.  The 2011 products will be out for beta testing in a month or two and that is a marvellous  chance a) to experience the new product and, more importantly perhaps, b) to suggest improvements and to point out problems using the bug reporting system which only the McAfee beta uses.

                  They tried to simplify things in the 2010 interface and went perhaps a little too far.


                  Beta Test McAfee Products


                  If you want to write to McAfee CEO the address is here, but as the company has just been bought out by Intel I'm not sure who is in that position to tell you the honest truth.


                  It was Mr. Dave DeWalt


                  McAfee Corporate Headquarters:
                  3965 Freedom Circle
                  Santa Clara,  CA   95054



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