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    Tag exclusions not working for deployment task


      I have three different deployment tasks in ePO that are all restricted based on tags.


      Task1 deploys to all except Tag1 and Tag2

      Task2 deploys to only Tag1

      Task3 deploys to only Tag2


      However, I am seeing this behaviour:


      Systems without either Tag1 or Tag2 receive only Task1 (as expected).

      Systems with Tag1 receive both Task2 and Task1.

      Systems with Tag2 receive both Task3 and Task1.


      I have verified which tasks are being received by each system by checking the local folder <C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\Task>. I have also verififed that the tags are being applied correctly to the systems.


      So it appears to me that when I limit a task using tags, the option "Has any of these tags:" is working, but the option "And has none of these tags:" is not being handled correctly.


      Has anyone else seen this sort of behaviour? Or perhaps I'm missing something in my understanding of how this is supposed to work.


      Any help is appreciated.