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    Slow performance

      The most pc`s in our company have problem with slow performance. The OS is XP SP3 with McAfee 8i. Starting IE (7 or 8) takes too much time to open a page. Outlook and other programs are very slow. Nothing is changed except updated Mcafee AV system on the pc.

      Does someone know how I can solve this problem?


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          I've moved this to our VirusScan Enterprise area for better attention by a product expert.

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            TanX. I am looking forward to see their answer.

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              A few more details, such as the exact version of McAfee and patch level. Also, rough CPU and memory for the affected computers?



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                Just by chance do you have siteadvisor, free version installed?  Also are you using just one policy or are you using high risk and low risk.  Also post your mcafee settings.  Things like, is script scanning enabled, is scan processes when enabled turned on, level of artemis and any exclusions.

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                  It is about:

                  McAfee Enter 8.5.0i

                  DAT version 6085

                  Patch 7 (also tried 8)

                  No policy and everything is default.

                  The problem is gone after removing McAfee and is back after installing it again. Ther is no problem with CPU and memory during this problem. IE is very slow by starting. It is looking for gateway and it takes too much time. The other applications as Outlook have such problem and also the whole OS.

                  Again everything is gone if I remove McAfee !

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                    you are using an older version of mcafee.  Have you tried 8.7 with patch 3?

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                      Hi Rez ,


                      1. Remove the temp files and Internet temp files on the machine.


                      2. Increase the Virtual memory size.


                      3. Better to install 8.7 with patch 3.


                      Good luck

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                        I am going t":

                        1- Install an AntiSpayware to check whther the pc has spayware

                        2- If not installing McAfee version 7.


                        But the question is why some of the pc`s have such problem and not all of them?

                        I will try it monday and put the result back here.

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                          Installing 8.7i has no efect.

                          I used a tool from Sysinternals to find which files will be started or searched during startup of IE or Outlook and other program`s.

                          I could find the AV system is looking for an networkdrive that is connected as drive L but the server is 2 weeks ago removed. Pointing this drive to new server has solved this problem.Now I am looking for a solution on MS site to know how I can disable this behaviour on desktop (connecting to networkdrives wich is dead or alive). This is also disabled on the desktops whithin McAfee AV environment


                          Thank you all for the reply and help.



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