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    MCUpdate issue

      I am having a problem with some of my boxes not taking the client task for updating to HIPS 7 Patch 7. I have tried to manually update using "C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\mcupdate" /update /quiet, but this doesn't do the same thing as when I right click on the 4.5 Agent shield and select "Update Security". Am I missing a switch on the command or something?





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          Any ideas? Lots of views, but no solutions?

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            Attila Polinger



            not sure this fits your problem, but is your client a Windows 7 box? Perhaps if you mean that HIPS update task is an ePO task, then Windows 7 need be acquainted to ePO so it runs the task on this platform.


            See KB67347.



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              We still run XP SP3 on all of our boxes. On most of our boxes, the nightly update task updates the AV signatures, DAT files, and any service patches that are available on the ePO. For some reason, a small percentage of machines just seem to not run the update task once and a while. It's random - never the same boxes. I would just like a command line switch or option that does the same thing that "Update Security" does.


              Thanks for the response.

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                Attila Polinger



                could it be that some users just turn off their computers too long? Please be sure that you have ticked the "Run missed task" button in ePO so if the users turn on their computers out of the schedule, the update task will run anyway.


                To confirm this theory, please take a look at the McScript.log or better, the Agent_hostname.log of some of the offending hosts to see if the timestamp of entries does or does not skip the scheduled start time of the update task.


                Also please make sure that you did not set a too short of an interval for the update task and it cancels itself before it reaches the proper phase...


                The Update Security comand simply - I suppose - runs the local autoUpdate task.





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                  Still looking for a solution. Have looked at the command switches, but nothing works the way "Update Security" works.