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    Safeboot admin program lost

      I have a laptop with Safeboot. I want to remove Safeboot but can't find any admin tools in the Windows Start menu. When drop to command line and try SBSETUP.EXE I get an error box popping up "unable to initialize setup". I have an inkling that the safeboot software has been uninstalled as cannot see it listed in the Control Panel list of Applications. Help please! Many thanks!

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          you can't uninstall it from the client itself, only your administrator can do that - contact your helpdesk and ask them to do that for you.


          Unless of course you are not using "SafeBoot", but are using Drive Encryption for HP Protecttools?

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            It is normal for EEPC to NOT show up in installed programs.

            Proper operation to remove it is to use EEManager application to change pre boot to "Remove" then sync.

            EEManager is not installed on client PCs, but used to control server EE database, which in turn, forces operations on client machines (like yours).